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The Site Sift Web Directory is one of those old web directories that every website should be listed in. When most people think of the top directories the first two that come to mind are BOTW and Site Sift. BOTW of course is older and every webmasters first choice but Site Sift is a clear 2nd place. Since September 2004 Site Sift has been reviewing web sites and listing them in their directory. They are one of the few web directories that have an editorial team that searches through the web to look for good web sites to add.

Some of the most trafficked categories in the directory are:


A few years back in late 2005 they launched a free directory script. They saw the need for a quality free script that other webmasters could use to create their own web directories. Today, thousands of directories use the free script called Site Sift listings. Site Sift Listings was created with the both the admin and end users in mind.

Site Sift also has a forum that discusses webmaster related topics but servers as a primary place to get support for the free directory software. There has been numerous mods that have been created by the users of Site Sift Listings to help make the script more customizable including deep links, article directory and several others.

In Aug 2008 Site Sift teamed up with McKremie a web hosting company to offer a discount on web hosting services. The promotional code is: SITESIFT33 and provides for 20% off any web hosting service. The coupon code can only be used once per customer.

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