Semantic HTML SEO!

Semantic SEO…erhm…HTML

It’s really not that hard to de-construct an invalid marked-up, table-based website and make use of semantic HTML to correct it. And even better – take that same “bad” site, and make it Semantic SEO as well.

I don’t think there is a phrase, “Semantic SEO” – as SEO is a process and not a specific technique or specific markup, but it seems to fit the mentality of POSH. And what’s that mentality, you ask O Great Reader? It’s simple…use simple standards-based, semantically correct and compliant (X)HTML. And with that, the semantic use of markup for your web designs, your on-page SEO will be half way complete without even trying.

You see, SE’s crawl sites to index them and place relevant sites within their rankings. And as such, they don’t “read” a page like you or I do. They actually come closer to what a screen reader “sees” than what a sighted user does. And since the spider will crawl the page contents from the top-left to bottom-right, “reading” tags, their titles and alt attributes, accessible navigation and readable (read that as “accessible“) content will greatly felicitate that process.

So Semantic SEO is real, and a benefit to your internet marketing.

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