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Branding Yourself

I’m going to buy this book. And if you are creating a brand for a client, or yourself, I suggest you read Crushit by Gary Vaynerchuk:

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Study Confirms ISPs Meddle With Web Traffic

And you thought you enjoyed your privacy, read what they have to say about your ISP and your browsing habits:

Last July, a research team from the University of Washington released an online tool to analyze whether web pages were being altered during the transit from web server to user. On Wednesday, the team released a paper at the Usenix conference analyzing the data collected from the tool. The found, unsurprisingly, that ISPs were indeed injecting ads into web pages viewed by a small number of users. The paper is available at the Usenix site. From PCWorld: “To get their data, the team wrote software that would test whether or not someone visiting a test page on the University of Washington’s Web site was viewing HTML that had been altered in transit. In 16 instances ads were injected into the Web page by the visitor’s Internet Service provider. The service providers named by the researchers are generally small ISPs such as RedMoon, Mesa Networks and MetroFi, but the paper also named one of the largest ISPs in the U.S., XO Communications, as an ad injector.”

So you see, you are being watched…

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WordPress – an experiment in CMS

I sit here, tearing out my hair with WordPress! Not that it’s too dificult to manage or learn, but the fact that I ALWAYS hand code everything I’ve written for the web; every website, every webpage, every everything!

WordPress does give access to it’s templates in full, so accessing it’s CSS/(X)HTML/PHP is downright easy. BUT, and I do mean but, I still prefer old fashion hand coding from scratch.

From my personal copy of Adobe Homesite 5.5 (or +, depending on whom you ask.) I create my new documents from HTML or XHTML – all from hand. I know some of you web geeks are feelin’ me right now! So my venture into the world of WordPress CMS is an experiment. Wish me well!

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Plain Old Semantic HTML

Hello, and welcome to the very new Plain Old Semantic HTML blog! This site will be filled with interesting, and very insightful posts, comments, tips and tricks, and so much other cool stuff, that is, once I get around to it!

Seriously, this site (not only this blog, which will be a sub-part of this entire site) will contain useful info and other nonsense! Please look around and comment away!

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