Target Looses Lawsuit To Blind Users


photo credit: Rhian vK
If you have been following the latest news in accessibility and retail, then you’ve heard of the lawsuit between the retail giant Target and blind users of the internet. Let’s say you wanted to to buy something online from Target. You could not, and more importantly, you would be discriminated against. [...]

I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And if you have been following along with the latest trends in SEO, you will know that one of the key factors in a high search engine placement, or SERP (Search Engine Results Position) is based on how many quality sites that have a back link to you. And [...]

Plain Old Usability


While the practice of making sure your navigation and website’s usability it’s not incredibly new, the thought of it does hinder some designers. I mean, let’s face it…usability research, accessible compliance regulations – it all seems kinda boring. And to those Photoshop web designers, who would rather create a site in flash than make sure [...]

Plain Old Broadband and Web Design


I just got 20MB download and 2MB upload speeds from my new broadband carrier. Yes, I’ve heard of the horror stories about Comcast, but I got such a killer deal on their high speed internet and phone service, that I had to jump on it. I actually pay less that I did for simple long [...]