Semantics Are Not Marketable!


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I’ve read some disparaging remarks that some marketers (pretty much all of them…) have said in regards to semantics. Specifically statements to the effect that, “I tried using valid web standards markup, but they didn’t pay off in SERPs, so I stopped using them.”
Too bad for the world. These marketers will continue [...]

Google Selling Text Links (and Pass PR)


The author of this post, “More Hipocrisy By Google – Nofollow?” takes detailed reports and research, and the combination of those equal calling Google a hypocrite. He also backs up his research with the “evidence” he’s found. I stand firm on my stand that you as a webmaster should not bend over to Google’s will [...]

Something’s Wrong with Building Links Article


I am a regular reader of and avid fan. However, I had to comment on an article by one of their staff writers, Kara Ratliff. It’s on “Building Links Like an Expert“. I’ll quote the comment I do not agree with:
“…most of the search engines frown upon paid linking. There is no smile [...]

Rankings Go Beyond Mere PR


The recent Google PR buzz has really done tons to offer “link bait” – but that’s not why I’m writing this post. You see, many webmasters have such a “PR head” about them, that it becomes the ONLY thing they check daily…”what’s my PR today?”
Do you know what I do everyday? I track the optimization [...]

Plain Old Networking


I finally had one of those “ah ha” moments recently. You see, a year or two ago I was given some advice that I had misunderstood, so it never really made the sense it does now. Nor was it put to good use. What’s that bit of advice? Chew my food at least 45 times? [...]

Do You Want To Track Your Leads Successfully?


Have you had pretty good success at your accessible, online website business? What if I told you that there was a better way to track your analytics besides Google? I mean, with Google’s tools, you can track your existing surfers as they land on each page, via your semantic navigation. But what about those [...]

SEO and Accessibility, Part II


photo credit: Rhian vK
Let’s continue our journey into the ever changing worlds of SEO and Accessibility with part II of our series. If you’ve missed Part I, please click here for Part I of the SEO and Accessibility article I’ve written.
As I’ve covered previously, the two worlds being discussed in our topic are beginning [...]

Plain Old Organic SEO, Part II


In part 1 of my article (well, post anyway…) on Plain Old Organic SEO, I had mentioned that I’ve noticed a trend in the field of SEO from Black Hat techniques to Organic optimization. I think I need to clarify a few things from that first article. My bad for not being a bit clearer.
Not [...]