Web Semantics, and why we need them!

Slicing PSD To HTML Services

I have been under the gun on several occasions that required me to outsource certain aspects of a clients web design project. Now, I am assuming that you, my readers, are geeks that have at one time or another designed semantically correct websites. But have you ever been so pressed for time that you needed [...]

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Outsource Your Article Writing

One of the greatest advantages of marketing is the fact that allot of your projects can be outsourced. From SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, to article distribution, outsourcing these types of projects is beneficial to your and your clients. But you can’t simply write an article, and expect it to be stellar material.

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Hiring A Web Design Firm

Let me first say that I design (xHTML/CSS/PHP), maintain, and SEO web sites. And I’ve done my share of them. But there are times when I run across great looking sites that have been designed by others. Ok, who am I kidding, there are TONS of sites I run across that I didn’t design. I [...]

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Programming Blog Resource

I have been searching for an all around good web site resource for web programming and web technology issues. And since the Internet is filled with sites on based on those niches, the “perfect one” had to contain something more. And the Stylish Weblog covers Windows issues as well as the programming and technology ones [...]

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Automated Accessibility Checkers

There was a discussion going on in one of the email group I belong to, regarding automated checking of websites for accessibility issues. One crowd was saying it was a good thing, while the other said it did not do enough.
I say, do it! It’s not the end-all to checking for accessibility, but it’s a [...]

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Why Go POSH?

I understand that POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML) is “geeky” and all, but it works!
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Study Confirms ISPs Meddle With Web Traffic

And you thought you enjoyed your privacy, read what they have to say about your ISP and your browsing habits:
Last July, a research team from the University of Washington released an online tool to analyze whether web pages were being altered during the transit from web server to user. On Wednesday, the team released [...]

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Submit Articles At Web Articles - Article Marketing

I know SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And if you have been following along with the latest trends in SEO, you will know that one of the key factors in a high search engine placement, or SERP (Search Engine Results Position) is based on how many quality sites that have a back link to you. And [...]

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Email Marketing Perfected

Email Marketing is going to be one of those marketing blessings or marketing curses. I remember when I began to contemplate starting a campaign to reach opt-in members to one of my websites, I searched the internet for the right Email marketing services to use. And let me tell you, finding a company on the [...]

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Web Design And SEO - They Do It All

I’m always looking for a one-stop shop that will do just about everything I need in a web design company. I’ve covered the topic of one-stops before, but I’ve found a great site that truly does cover it all. From ecommerce solutions to crm software, and of course SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and web design.
One [...]

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