Getting Your Pages at the Top of the List


Have you noticed that your websites just can’t compete with your rivals when it comes to page rankings, no matter what kind of content you’re posting? So what is it that they’re doing that you’ve missed out on entirely? Chances are, your competition is paying much closer attention to what’s known as white hat SEO in order to achieve a higher Search Engine Ranking.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of crafting the design and content of your web pages to be more appealing to search engine indexing programs called bots. These bots are constantly analyzing every page on the Internet, determining content quality, link quality and a host of other factors outlined in mathematical programs called algorithms.

Google, and other search engines, are constantly changing these algorithms in order to keep up with webmasters who are intent on gaming the system. That means keeping up with SEO best practices can practically be a full time job. For SEO consultants the ones working a 4th Media it is, of course, a full time job. These Internet niche specialists are skilled at taking their client companies to the top of the page rankings.

If you’re not feeling up to the task of handling your own SEO strategy, leave it to the professionals.

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