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During the end of last year (2007), and up to now (August 15th, 2008), I have gone from switching my web host company close to four times – yes, I did say four times! And I say “close” because just recently I switched back to the one I am on now. I had actually ran my sites on their servers for one week, but strange DNS issues as well as other things made the decision for me to switch back. So why did I put myself through all that (DNS) torture? Well, for me, it came down to a few things…

  • Price
  • Services
  • Tech response times
  • Reseller availability
  • Customer satisfaction ratings

Running Semantically correct websites myself is a chore within itself, but to also be a hosting reseller, and hosting those same sites as well…that’s like being the surgeon to your own operation! What I recommend you do, if you are like me want want all the best in a web host, you must do your homework! Find a company that has a reputation for both reliability and excellent customer service; one that is very competitive and affordable in their packages. And of course, the must have first rate technical support we well as reseller hosting options. Out of the “almost” four companies I have used for my reseller hosting account, I can honestly say that two of them were just too expensive for their services, and one was rapidly failing in tech support, so I had to “jump ship” so to speak.

So along those lines, I have found Affordable web hosting in – and specifically love their reseller hosting packages. I am a very picky shopper, so needed to have a very customer friendly site that offered high quality services for hosting to their customers. From the reviews I have read, they are extremely reliable in the web hosting industry, and they are highly rated for their specific focus on a “full service” solution.

I have to say that – at least for me – customer service is a huge issue. I expect to recieve the highest levels of support, or I will go elsewhere. I would even pay a bit more for a great support team, than pay cheap prices, and receive cheap support. Since has a great reputation for their services, support, and pricing, I would recommend them to you webmasters who want the best for your clients.

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