Web Design And SEO – They Do It All


I’m always looking for a one-stop shop that will do just about everything I need in a web design company. I’ve covered the topic of one-stops before, but I’ve found a great site that truly does cover it all. From ecommerce solutions to crm software, and of course SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and web design. [...]

Semantics Make For Great Marketing


If all you’ve thought of semantics are the way web markup is written, then you’ve missed the bigger picture of using properly structured, correct (W3C) markup – and how it applies to better search engine ranking. There are those who think that it shouldn’t matter whatsoever that a website riddled with depreciated, 90′s style tag [...]

Professional Web Design


Creating great, professional websites can be done the DIY (Do It Yourself) way, but for those of us who need to portray our companies in a very professional light, it’s best to hire a respected web design and development outfit that has a great track record. And if I may, let me shorten your search [...]