Plain WordPress Themes To Build On


There are actually a few great plain old WordPress themes to build on. What you want to look for in a plain old theme is semantically correct, W3C valid XTHML markup that goes into each template based PHP file, and the accompanying external CSS file of course.

I’ll let you all Google for great themes, but I suggest the one at That theme is called the sandbox, and besides being highly configurable, it is a gem if you want to learn about PHP and CSS. Simply viewing the source code, which is highly commented, you can learn tons of great tips and techniques.

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2 Comments to “Plain WordPress Themes To Build On”

  1. Lassar says:

    What theme are you using for your site ?

  2. Martin says:

    Hello Lassar,

    We use the “AzSands 1.0″ theme by Anli Zaimi. Works great for what we do here. Customized portions are PHP written by me ;-)

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