Data Recovery, It’s Never Too Late!


I could of used data recovery a few years ago when I inadvertently over-wrote backup tape no. 7 in a span. To my horror, I had used that last tape to backup one of my companies Engineering servers, for which I could of gotten fired over. It’s a good thing my manager at the time had done something simular in his career, so he understood that accidents happen.

But if I would of known of the great data recovery software that is available from, I would have called them as soon as I realized the mistake I had made, and had cost my company the money it could not recover from the lost data. You see,’s data recovery services are both affordable and convenient. Especially considering the loss of finances you will have if you ever loose the data on your PC (Personal Computer), Apple Macintosh, Linux box, or any laptop that runs any of the mentioned OSs (Operating Systems) hard drives.

And for you small to medium/large companies that run high-end servers, you should feel confident about, as they run a full service data recovery lab. For all of you technical geeky-types reading this, that means their lab is a “secured class 100″ clean room. That’s where they do hard drive recoveries. And even the data recovery software that they offer is created by them, and they have it available for sale on their website.

And just so you know, DTI Data Recovery has been given authorization by all the leading manufactures of hard drives to open the drives without the voiding of the warranty. That is an important part of their success. And to top it off, they guarantee that all the files recovered on your hard drives will be in working condition.

I know that when I work on a clients (ok, most of my clients are non-paying friends) computer or laptop, there is always a nagging feeling at the back of my head that screams at me to make a backup of their systems before I begin any work on them. But since that is not always an option, I am going to bookmark just in case I get a failed drive error, or even worse…if I begin to smell smoke rising from their personal computers. I am not going to relive my, “What did you do to our data?” moment again.

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