Plain WordPress Themes To Build On


There are actually a few great plain old WordPress themes to build on. What you want to look for in a plain old theme is semantically correct, W3C valid XTHML markup that goes into each template based PHP file, and the accompanying external CSS file of course. I’ll let you all Google for great themes, [...]

Plain Old Social Networking


If you’re like me, you have profiles setup on most of the social networking sites available. So let me ask you a really quick question…why? Why are the social network sites so popular these days? I know that for me, I don’t use them to “make new friends” as many do. I use them for [...]

Real Life Benefits Of Semantic HTML


Are there any real benefits to using semantic HTML? Specifically speaking, using W3C valid (X)HTML markup in your web designs to make sure that your site is standards compliant. Not only for simple compliance sake, but for accessibility as well. Many times, designers will stop at their (X)HTML checks, and skip the WAI conformity checks. [...]

Data Recovery, It’s Never Too Late!


I could of used data recovery a few years ago when I inadvertently over-wrote backup tape no. 7 in a span. To my horror, I had used that last tape to backup one of my companies Engineering servers, for which I could of gotten fired over. It’s a good thing my manager at the time [...]

eCommerce Shopping Carts – Bring In The Money


With the latest Google PR update, and its targeting paid links, it seems that webmasters are off to a hard start come 2008. But there is still the area of online shops that we can capitalize in. And once the research is in, and you find your niche market, the next step is choosing the [...]

Opera files antitrust complaint with the EU


[Opera] Urges Microsoft to give consumers a genuine choice of standards—compliant Web browsers… I stand behind Opera and their decision. And by the way, the Opera browser is 20 times better than IE! read more | digg story

Nofollow Removed From This Plain Old Website


I have been conducting a poll on this site regarding the use, or should I say, the removal of the nofollow attribute from the comment area on this website. And so here are the results so far: 40% – YES! Remove the nofollow! 20% – NO! Keep the nofollow! 40% – What is nofollow? So [...]

Go Dedicated, And Never Look Back!


If you’re like me, you’re not satisfied with just maintaining the content of your website. I mean, for me at least (and you’re just like me, right?) , I must control much more of my websites than just the contents. I need to be able to delete my server logs at times, and other areas [...]

Google Selling Text Links (and Pass PR)


The author of this post, “More Hipocrisy By Google – Nofollow?” takes detailed reports and research, and the combination of those equal calling Google a hypocrite. He also backs up his research with the “evidence” he’s found. I stand firm on my stand that you as a webmaster should not bend over to Google’s will [...]

Plain Old Usability


While the practice of making sure your navigation and website’s usability it’s not incredibly new, the thought of it does hinder some designers. I mean, let’s face it…usability research, accessible compliance regulations – it all seems kinda boring. And to those Photoshop web designers, who would rather create a site in flash than make sure [...]