Semantically Correct HTML Benefits


Semantically Correct HTML Benefits. Is there a real, measurable benefit to creating semantic HTML websites? Or are the web standards purists out on their own agenda? Well, speaking as one of those purist standaristas, I can tell you that the only agenda I have is to promote semantically correct HTML for the benefit of accessibility to all users, usability of a site, and as well, and here’s the icing on the cake, the monetary value that semantic, valid (X)HTML has on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

So let’s view each benefit, shall we? Let me say, however, that there are other benefits to semantic html that I’ll post about later…


  1. Any and all users, even those with disabilities, can view your website. This translates into more readership for you, and the fact that all users can benefit from your information.
  2. You wont get sued like Target is.


  1. All users can navigate your website easily and symmetrically. What I mean by that is your layout and navigation crafted as such that information is easily “clicked or keypressed”.
  2. Your readers, if they stay with your site at all, are not left wondering where to go, and what to read next.


  1. It is proven that Google (and I’d assume the other Big 2) likes, and distinguishes between valid markup on a website, and those who loose their spider as it tries to crawl their spaghetti code markup.
  2. Semantics = Crawlability (see item #1) = higher SERP for your site.

So, in my opinion, I take this list in order of importance. You may, however, like benefit #3, in which case that makes your website marketable, as well as accessible, usable, and downright kewl.

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7 Comments to “Semantically Correct HTML Benefits”

  1. william seo says:

    I think correct semantic HTML websites are best fitted bcoz these are really important if you think with seo point of view. It really help to uplift your site in search engine ranking.

  2. Martin says:

    You are very correct William.

  3. michigan seo says:

    Martin, I agree with you that semantically correct html is very much important for designing and seo point of view and our target audience can easily access our sites pages.

  4. Martin says:


    Tell me what you think about this post I wrote:

    Semantics Are Not Marketable!

  5. Ron DeRogatis says:

    I am just beginning my launch into web development.
    Semantically Correct HTML
    is all that I am studying.
    I have encountered HTML that is not clean. Looks sloopy.
    I personally will only use the more professional look.

  6. Martin says:

    @Ron, yes, that’s the best way to go!

  7. Spirytus says:

    sites should be accessible, its not so difficult really. a while ago i created this site below that validates to xhtml strict and AAA

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