Rankings Go Beyond Mere PR


The recent Google PR buzz has really done tons to offer “link bait” – but that’s not why I’m writing this post. You see, many webmasters have such a “PR head” about them, that it becomes the ONLY thing they check daily…”what’s my PR today?” Do you know what I do everyday? I track the [...]

Plain Old Networking


I finally had one of those “ah ha” moments recently. You see, a year or two ago I was given some advice that I had misunderstood, so it never really made the sense it does now. Nor was it put to good use. What’s that bit of advice? Chew my food at least 45 times? [...]

Do You Want To Track Your Leads Successfully?


Have you had pretty good success at your accessible, online website business? What if I told you that there was a better way to track your analytics besides Google? I mean, with Google’s tools, you can track your existing surfers as they land on each page, via your semantic navigation. But what about those leads [...]

Semantically Correct HTML Benefits


Semantically Correct HTML Benefits. Is there a real, measurable benefit to creating semantic HTML websites? Or are the web standards purists out on their own agenda? Well, speaking as one of those purist standaristas, I can tell you that the only agenda I have is to promote semantically correct HTML for the benefit of accessibility [...]

Plain Old Spam


Funny thing spam. Funnier yet are spammers. You would think that once a spammer cannot place their spammy comments on a blog (or ecommerce site) that they’d leave and fry other fish. But no… To date, my Akismet plugin has intercepted 391 spam comments from being posted on this site. I mean, come on. How [...]

Monetary Standards


Monetary standards is what I call the working partnership between Plain Old Semantic HTML, Website Accessibility, and generating monetary returns from a website. I’ve seen, from personal experience, what the use of valid, cutting edge XHTML and CSS together, with the separation of content from presentation, will do for a site’s SERPs (Search Engine Results [...]

In our 1st article, we’ve covered the 7 Worst Web Design Mistakes – Part 1, which began detailing the 1st mistake us designers make. In the follow-up article, 7 Worst Web Design Mistakes – Part 2, we reviewed the other 6 mistakes. Now with this new article, I’d like to cover those six mistakes with [...]