Semantic HTML


Semantic HTML There is much talk today about Semantic HTML (Semantic HTML) and how if using Plain Old Semantic HTML (Plain Old Semantic HTML) does lead to higher rankings in a SE’s (Search Engine) SERPS (Search Engine Results Position). Most times it’s very true, that marketing a websites and using semantically correct markup will butt [...]

Article Submission As Organic SEO Technique


I feel as though I need to touch on a marketing subject that seemingly doesn’t have much to do with POSH. But I feel that once you get your POSH groove on, your website should be a monetarily asset to you. And there is a real market for article submission as organic SEO technique. Let [...]

7 Worst Web Design Mistakes – Part 2


In our first article, 7 Worst Web Design Mistakes – Part 1, we stopped at the first item in the list of the 7 worst design mistakes a web designer can make. I wanted to keep that #1 mistake isolated to it’s own article because it’s such an important part of the whole design process [...]