Accessibility, Now Is The Time!


Accessibility should always be the first thing a web designer things about, and plans, when constructing their latest (and greatest) website. If it’s for personal gain, or a client’s site, our design process should (needs to, actually) include a accessible “road map”. Is the site’s navigation menu accessible via the keyboard, if our user has [...]

Microformats for Dummies


Microformats. What are they exactly? If you’re as geeky as I am, you’ll now that microformats are going to, and they are already, revolutionizing the semantic world of HTML. If you’ve never heard of Microformats, well, let’s quote the source itself: “Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open [...]

Semantic Whoas!


If you’re like me, you feel a very strong desire to accomplish way more than you have time for! Well, since I’ve reinstalled my OS, which I thought would take me just an hour or two, I’ve had to reinstall it twice. Not only that, but I’ll have to reinstall it *again* in 7 to [...]

Can I have POSH with that?


It seems that we tend to take for granted many things in our lives. I try really hard not to do so, but sometimes, well… I end up doing just that. Well, the one area I don’t take for granted is in web design. I always make sure my designs are accessible and semantically correct. [...]

POSH extends into Real Life


Plain Old Yogurt? Plain Old Toast? You’ve had each of these tasty treats, right? Well, how about Plain Old Semantic HTML? It goes well with XHTML!

WordPress – an experiment in CMS


I sit here, tearing out my hair with WordPress! Not that it’s too dificult to manage or learn, but the fact that I ALWAYS hand code everything I’ve written for the web; every website, every webpage, every everything! WordPress does give access to it’s templates in full, so accessing it’s CSS/(X)HTML/PHP is downright easy. BUT, [...]

Plain Old Semantic HTML


Hello, and welcome to the very new Plain Old Semantic HTML blog! This site will be filled with interesting, and very insightful posts, comments, tips and tricks, and so much other cool stuff, that is, once I get around to it! Seriously, this site (not only this blog, which will be a sub-part of this [...]