Semantics Make For Great Marketing


If all you’ve thought of semantics are the way web markup is written, then you’ve missed the bigger picture of using properly structured, correct (W3C) markup – and how it applies to better search engine ranking.

There are those who think that it shouldn’t matter whatsoever that a website riddled with depreciated, 90’s style tag soup should rank just as well as a semantically correct and valid site does. Well, in a perfect (or imperfect!) world, that should be the case, but if you put some common sense into your thinking then I hope you will see that this is not necessarily the case.

A site that is properly structured:

Main Page Title

Page Sub title

This is the content

This is a sub title

Points for sub title

Any SE will be able to translate what your page is about, and how much relevance your content is to a users search criteria. Why not make it easier for SEs to read your pages?

Popularity: 30% [?]

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2 Comments to “Semantics Make For Great Marketing”

  1. Sort of makes you wonder how the “semantic web” is ever going to take off? :-)

  2. who is to say what’s semantic vs. whats not, some pages visually look crappy but have a lot of info on them. id use mine as an example, but i had to take it down for a few weeks.

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