Plain Old Broadband and Web Design


I just got 20MB download and 2MB upload speeds from my new broadband carrier. Yes, I’ve heard of the horror stories about Comcast, but I got such a killer deal on their high speed internet and phone service, that I had to jump on it. I actually pay less that I did for simple long distance now!

Anyway, the need for speed I feel caused me to think about designing web pages, and how so many designers do not think about what their designs will cost the end user. Yes, I have killer fast broadband, but does that mean I can now craft my sites to use high definition flash movie files? Should I now post 4MB high resolution images? No. And why? Because I would be discriminating against dial-up users.

I know that my stand is seen as a bit over the top, but since I have been discriminated against at points in my life, I refuse to do so to others. That’s what Jesus says also!

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2 Comments to “Plain Old Broadband and Web Design”

  1. Bill says:

    You can/should do both! You can provide premium and downlevel experiences.

    ‘Course most of us can’t AFFORD 20mg cable! :)

  2. Martin says:

    Yeah, tho’ Comcast is giving me a killer deal – really. For the price of phone service and broadband, we’re paying what we did with ATT (SBC Global).

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