Rankings Go Beyond Mere PR


The recent Google PR buzz has really done tons to offer “link bait” – but that’s not why I’m writing this post. You see, many webmasters have such a “PR head” about them, that it becomes the ONLY thing they check daily…”what’s my PR today?”

Do you know what I do everyday? I track the optimization progress of the many sites I maintain in SERPs (Search Engine Results Position) as well as the far many optimization scores that a site registers. And to do this, I pray about it first, then I check the desktop programs I have installed. Them I check my email – yes my email, for the notifications of any change that the sites configured at SheerSEO.com.

You see, they have – by far – the best free seo software online that I have found.

Not only does it keep statistics for your websites current PR (Google pageRank), Indexed Pages, Single Page Analysis SERPs – but it also keeps analytic history of those statistics:
Screenshot of SheerSEO services
I use my three accounts every day, one for each domain that track, with many more that I need to track as well. If you’re as serious about your website analytics as I am, you’ll open your free account as soon as possible.

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One Comment to “Rankings Go Beyond Mere PR”

  1. Bill says:

    You know what I do (for my work sites)? Try to come up with good reasons to use the website!

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