Do You Want To Track Your Leads Successfully?


Have you had pretty good success at your accessible, online website business? What if I told you that there was a better way to track your analytics besides Google? I mean, with Google’s tools, you can track your existing surfers as they land on each page, via your semantic navigation. But what about those leads you get for future clients who want what you can create for them?

You see, with my current clients, and my future clients, I can choose to track them with a simple spreadsheet. But once you become really successful, how well do you think our faithful Excel will handle our futures? You, and I as well, need an upgrade to a real customer relationship management system. And that’s where AIMpromot comes in.

It’s funny how when your online business is still small in size, a hobby more than a real job, handling your customer relationships is fairly simple. You have their contact info in a spreadsheet, or your email contact address book, right? Well, I’ve though about my own needs handle my few clients – and also important are my future “leads” (marketing term for “prospective clients”) in a much more organized, professional way. You see, communication is very important to me, and I like to follow-up with the leads I have been past from my network of associates. If you feel that you are ready for enterprise level features that a company and software like AIMPromot can bring to your table, check them out. I found their services to be reasonably affordable.

Just like Semantics – Use Only What You Need

Now, I’m not about to recommend a total overkill of services and features that you need to sign up for. See, the greatest thing that AIMPromote’s customer relationship management software features is simple: pay and use for just what you need. You can install modules needed for your online marketing (or whatever way you’re making money online) business, and skip the other features that you do not require. Saves on the “learning curve” for you too.

If you’ve found yourself growing into their product, AIMPromot is there for you.

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