Plain Old Spam


Funny thing spam. Funnier yet are spammers. You would think that once a spammer cannot place their spammy comments on a blog (or ecommerce site) that they’d leave and fry other fish. But no…

To date, my Akismet plugin has intercepted 391 spam comments from being posted on this site. I mean, come on. How many times must you try to spam when your spam resources can be put to better use on another site that would love your pharmacy and gambling links?

Even better, if you can’t post on a site, why keep trying? Anyway…

I really do not like spam of any sort. My email messages, I’d say, are 15% spam. Out of the 50 or so messages that fill my inbox (actually, I have Thunderbird filter the incoming emails to their own specific folders) everyday, I have to junk those 15%.

Ok, now that I’ve ranted about spam, let’s get back to the important topic of Plain Old Semantics. I wonder if spammers run their scripts and code through the W3C validators? What do you think?

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