Monetary Standards


Monetary standards is what I call the working partnership between Plain Old Semantic HTML, Website Accessibility, and generating monetary returns from a website. I’ve seen, from personal experience, what the use of valid, cutting edge XHTML and CSS together, with the separation of content from presentation, will do for a site’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Position). So many people, from professional to novice designers, don’t “get it”, regarding that relationship model I’ve described. See, monetary standards will give you that needed push when it comes to your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) goals.

I’ve discussed many, many times, the real life “marketable benefits” that web standards bring to the table. And those benefits, mark my words, will not only bring great usability and website accessibility to your web sites, but also will establish a secure foundation for your X(HTML) markup. And that ties into the ease of which search engine bots will spider your sites.

Let me get my helicopter beenie out for a moment, and talk techie with you. For example, let’s assume you and me used a PhotoShop template (cookie-cutter chopped) for our website. Tables-based layout and font tags galore within our markup. For a fact, I can tell you that search engines will have a heck of a time spidering your site. Not to mention the thousands of people with disabilities, who’ll have a much rougher time accessing surfing around. So what to do you and I do about it? Since you and I are both very smart, we begin a plan to begin standardizing our web site, replacing old depreciated HTML with semantic XHTML and CSS. Of course we code to the WAI guidelines for Triple A. Guess what we’ve done now?

Our site is semantically correct and accessible. Not to mention search engine “very friendly”. We’ve just gave our On-Page search engine optimization a major boost, and that’s where the Monetary Standards begin. Can you say, “Your Ad Here”?

With more and more companies going online the website developers are in much demand. The website design is the most important constituent of making the website. The web designers also host the web page design and use web design tips to enhance the performance of the particular site. The photoshop design is an added feature available to make your site more colorful and appealing. Through the dedicated hosting a system is reserved on a colocation for the operations of your site making it more efficient.

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