Semantic HTML


Semantic HTML

There is much talk today about Semantic HTML (Semantic HTML) and how if using Plain Old Semantic HTML (Plain Old Semantic HTML) does lead to higher rankings in a SE’s (Search Engine) SERPS (Search Engine Results Position).

Most times it’s very true, that marketing a websites and using semantically correct markup will butt heads. Content is king, and end-user usability/accessibility must prevail before any marketing hype – and especially any “black hat” usage – yes all that is true. But using Semantic HTML use will also be a great asset in your SEO.

Content has always been prime SEO consideration, but never more than now has the webpage markup been a factor. In fact, HTML markup – and more importantly for this article – Semantic HTML markup – stands as the basis for all SEO work. Next to the high priority of obtaining Incoming Back links (IBL) from that high PR (PageRank) site that drive so many SEO professionals crazy, there is, “The Markup” (The source code).

Keyword rich copy is important, yes, but now it seems more than ever, that the actual layout, or page markup – of a website – needs to be rich. Rich in semantics. If you think about it, when a SE (Search Engine) has problems accessing a page, that will greatly hinder their ability to crawl and index your pages.

SE’s are becoming much more capable in their discernment of a page’s markup. So the shift has been for the good of Semantics!

When a person uses a pre-made template for their websites, or wants you to built one for their Mom-and-Pop store, their aim, and of course yours, is to make it SE crawlable. Most times, statistics tell us that the SE’s will crawl a page that they can easily access. How would your clients answer a qestion like this, “How would you like your website to be on Google’s top ten in one month?”

Well, maybe not in one month. I mean, unless you’re linked from Google itself, along with 5 other PR10 sites, you’re gonna be sandboxed for awhile! But – and this is a big but – Semantic HTML use on your website will most definitely help your SERPS in the long run!

There could be so many more things to be discussed on semantics, but due to the constraints of time we have discussed only the important ones.

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