7 Worst Web Design Mistakes – Part 1


So you want to create, or buy, a fully operating website. It has to perform flawlessly, accepting incoming customer announcements, or form submissions from people wanting to sign up on your Membership Web page, or even something as simple as accepting user comments. Believe it or not, those web 2.0 style operations are the easiest part of your website! The technology is there, from thoroughly-automated shopping carts, to trifle-in blogging systems, to post-your-picture PHP scripts. And of undoubtedly, it must rank in the Google Top Ten – first week out, right?!

So what makes for the ultimate worst web design mistakes you can make on your websites? If you can readily pay a professional SEO or Internet Marketer to build your custom, accessible site as exampled above, doesn’t that guarantee you aggressive results with out any mistakes? Well, if you’re ready to pay a pro to implement your sites, and they are SEO (Search Engine Optimization Tips) savvy, as well as Web Standards proficient, you’re on the road to success! Because they’ll validate their markup every AAA of the way. When I create a website, I make sure that I follow the POSH (Plain Old Semantic HTML) model, which basically means using valid (X)HTML markup in semantically meaningful ways, while maintaining a SE (Search Engine) friendly structure.

But what’s in it for you, those of you who are getting by on the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to web site advertising and website designing? Or you who let your cousin Vinny build you a website, because he’s so radical at it? I mean, wow…look at his World Wide Web presence! He managed to get every font element and image to blink!

If you are going the DIY (aka: Your Cousin Vinny route), let me warn you before hand – or please at least consider these 7 worst web design mistakes you can make when planning out your new website. You can even incorporate these 7 when you’re working on a redesign. These mistakes determine, or hinder, your site’s usability, and SERP (Search Engine Results Position) placement.

7 worst mistakes:

  1. Mistake one – Websites look and look (it’s design) created first. This is the most common mistake new webdesigners will make. Of course, we all want that worthy looking, never before viewed, killer design that’ll turn your grandmother’s ignition! But at what expense will your content pay? Or what expense will you pay in SE bot friendliness? Ideally, when your plan for that killer website is in it’s nativity, understand that people – your target audience – will be quickly turned off from even the prettiest site if they can’t find anything they’re looking for! SE’s will also be quickly turned off if their search bots (which are automated search programs) if they can’t gracefully crawl your content for artistic, semantically rich content. Why is this important to you? Inasmuch as this is how SE’s see you and your links to rank them within their search results. This is why historically SE’s will not index – which is the Techie discription for what searchbots do – Macromedia flash animations and movies. There are ways to make them SE, as well as accessibility, friendly, but that is beyond the scope of this writing.

Are you ready for the six (6) other worst web design mistakes? Stay ready for our second article in this series!

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