PHP and the newbie web designer

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) will not bite you! As a matter of fact, it will do you more of a favor than you think! I remember when I began to play around with PHP, I figured that all I’d do with it was to dynamically input the time onto my static page! Those first days are gone now, and what I’ve done with PHP is re-think the way I organize my sites.

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My first site, Web Standards, is now fully PHP driven. I dynamically include my breadcrumb, sidebar, and footer navigation. Not to mention a pretty cool trick. What I do is serve that site as XHTML 1.1 to our favorite Standards-Compliant browsers (you guessed them, Firefox and Opera), while our very, very old friend Internet Explorer gets a measily XHTML 1.0 Strict - all via $_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT'],”application/xhtml+xml”. If that variable does ! (NOT) match, then assume text/html.

My next feats will include a PHP style switcher (switch dependent on UI’s time/day), ala Google’s

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Member of the GAWDs and Web Standards Group. As a member of the Web Standards Group, as well as membership in the Guild of Accessible Web Designers, I strive to achieve maximum website accessibility in my designs, while using the latest, cutting-edge eXtensible HyperText Mark-up Language/CSS markup. My sites fully validate with the W3C standards for XHTML/CSS, as well as comply with the W3C's WAI - A, AA, or AAA standards. Separation of Content from presentation and a site that fully complies with this philosophy - will reach more than just your intended audience, it'll reach everyone! Web standards at FierceStreet Networks is all about usability - XHTML for content, and CSS for presentation.

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