Semantic Whoas!


If you’re like me, you feel a very strong desire to accomplish way more than you have time for! Well, since I’ve reinstalled my OS, which I thought would take me just an hour or two, I’ve had to reinstall it twice. Not only that, but I’ll have to reinstall it *again* in 7 to 10 days!

My copy of Windows XP didn’t want to activate, let alone validate, so I had to call Microsoft to fix that problem. They told me that it was a “technical issue”, so I was transfered to tech support. The friendly
tech I spoke with told me, after several attempts at activation, that it was a “customer support issue”, and was transferred back to the original department I called.

Ok, long story short, they’re sending me a brand new CD with my new product key – which will require me to reinstall – from scratch – my OS! I’m also (a glutton for punishment!) going to install Kubuntu, which is a flavor of Linux. I’ll dual-boot my PC. Pray for me!

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