WordPress - an experiment in CMS

I sit here, tearing out my hair with WordPress! Not that it’s too dificult to manage or learn, but the fact that I ALWAYS hand code everything I’ve written for the web; every website, every webpage, every everything!

WordPress does give access to it’s templates in full, so accessing it’s CSS/(X)HTML/PHP is downright easy. BUT, and I do mean but, I still prefer old fashion hand coding from scratch.

From my personal copy of Adobe Homesite 5.5 (or +, depending on whom you ask.) I create my new documents from HTML or XHTML - all from hand. I know some of you web geeks are feelin’ me right now! So my venture into the world of WordPress CMS is an experiment. Wish me well!

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Member of the GAWDs and Web Standards Group. As a member of the Web Standards Group, as well as membership in the Guild of Accessible Web Designers, I strive to achieve maximum website accessibility in my designs, while using the latest, cutting-edge eXtensible HyperText Mark-up Language/CSS markup. My sites fully validate with the W3C standards for XHTML/CSS, as well as comply with the W3C's WAI - A, AA, or AAA standards. Separation of Content from presentation and a site that fully complies with this philosophy - will reach more than just your intended audience, it'll reach everyone! Web standards at FierceStreet Networks is all about usability - XHTML for content, and CSS for presentation.

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